16 May 2019 - 17 May 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal
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16 May 2019 - 17 May 2019
Lisbon, Portugal
European Maritime Day

EASME presents: Bringing blue innovations to market  (16:00 – 16:40)

Moderator: Luisa PRISTA, Head of Department EASME, European Commission

Internet of Underwater Things: The new Blue Economy revolution (project funded under EMFF :“ArcheoSub”) – Chiara Petrioli, Director WSense

Exchanging information underwater is a real challenge. The ARCHEOSUb project successfully addressed this issue by developing a range of innovative products (sensors, AUVs) allowing real time exchange of data and services in support of the discovery of new Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) sites and for the surveying, conservation, protection and valorisation of existing sites.

Tidal Energy: Powering Blue Growth & Coastal Regeneration (project funded by the SME instrument: “D2T2 – direct Drive Tidal Turbine”) -  Simon Forrest , CEO Nova innovation

Marine energy production is green but also very costly. The D2T2 project aims at exploiting the power of tidal stream energy by the development of a one-of-a-kind turbine incorporating a novel direct drive generator thus reducing considerably the cost of tidal energy.

Fighting marine litter; innovative way to recycle fishing nets (project funded under EMFF: “Bluenet”) -  Oihane C. Basurko, Senior Researcher AZTI

Lost fishing gears account for a considerable amount of the marine plastic litter. Moreover, they represent a real threat for marine fauna because of “ghost fishing”. The BlueNet project is setting up a programme of recycling abandoned, lost or discarded fishing and aquaculture gear. It aims at recovering gear from the sea and re-using it as raw material to manufacture new ones.

Innovative solution for scientific and environmental underwater surveys (Project funded under EMFF: “DiveSafe”) - Angelos Manglis, Vice President Atlantis consulting SA

Underwater sites are often difficult to access and may represent risks for professional divers. The DiveSafe project is developing a solution integrating diving-related technologies, equipment and apps that will allow divers to conduct safe and efficient underwater surveys for accomplishing tasks related to visual census, photographic and photogrammetric documentation, exploration of unknown areas, search and recovery.

Wing of change: how wingsail solutions can help reducing  pollution of maritime transport (Project funded under EMFF: “ GREENing the BLUE”) -  Cristina Aleixendri Muñoz, Co-founder and COO bound4blue

Transport by sea is using fuel and emit pollutants. The GREENing the BLUE the full-scale demonstration of a foldable wingsail solution based on aeronautical design, with the aim to reduces fuel use by 30%  through wind energy co-propulsion.


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