16 May 2019 - 17 May 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal
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16 May 2019 - 17 May 2019
Lisbon, Portugal
European Maritime Day

The Directorate-General for Maritime Policy and the Municipality of Lisbon present:  Portugal Bluetech Pioneers, 8 innovators pitching their solutions for the blue economy (10:45 – 11:25)

Moderator:  Gonçalo Amorim, BGI, Executive Director

Lisbon Coastal Observatory -  Ramiro Neves, Coordinator, MARETEC

The project will be implemented within the framework of the European project MyCoast.

ENTROPI -  Frederico Ferreira, Executive Officer, Fórum Oceano

ENTROPI is enabling Technologies and Roadmaps for Offshore Platform Innovation, aimed to address the challenge of marine activities moving further offshore by exploring how integration of multiple uses on a single platform could bring economies of scale.

Ground Zero -  Hugo Metelo Diogo, Director, BLUEGROWTH, LDA

Ground Zero intends to become a technological partner that converges in the production of knowledge and technological solutions raised from the advent of Industry 4.0 and to serve the Circular Economy and the sustainability of industries in the EU Blue Growth Strategy and the Atlantic Action Plan.

New boats that combine contemporary design with energy efficiency -  Andreia Alves,  Project Manager, Sun Concept, LDA

This project focuses on the series production of electro solar vessels, which will go through the construction moulds and prototypes of the new Catamaran 12.0 and Sunflash for offshore and coastal navigation, respectively.

BlueCAO -  Pedro Pires, Head of Monitoring and Technologies, WavEC Offshore Renewables - OFFSHORE ENERGY CENTRE

The project intends to develop a new generation of aquaculture farms with the objective of significantly reducing operating costs and increasing production capacity. The innovative concept based on a floating platform will be presented.

SeaAI -  Mr. Ricardo Neta, Mechanical Engineer,  Composite Solutions, LDA

The main objective is the creation of a development centre capable of designing and testing automated composite structure production systems for Wave Energy Converters. The idea is to have develop large-scale floats for production of wave energy within the CorPower Project.

Blue4Pain -  Nuno Leitão, CFO, Sea4Us

Blue4Pain aims to solve a global clinical problem (chronic pain, an untreated disease) through a solution from the Portuguese sea: analgesic compound (seaburon) from a marine invertebrate whose development passed the proof-of-concept phase (TRL6-7).

Sustainable Fish and Vegetables Production -  João Cotter, CEO, Aquaponics Iberia

Aquaponics is the food production technique that combine aquaculture with hydroponics (plant cultivation on water) in a closed and dynamic system where fish waste nourishes plants, which in turn purify the water.

Interact presents: Maritime cooperation supported by INTERREG (10:45 – 11:25)

Moderator: Linda Talve/ Interact/ Knowledge of the seas network

Join us for a catchy introduction to INTERREG maritime cooperation! After a short video on the achievements of INTERREG cooperation, we will introduce you to our Europe-wide project database keep.eu, containing easy-to find information on how your country or region cooperates with others on maritime issues.


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